Friday, November 11, 2011

does knowing require a knower?

Tell me, does knowing require a knower? Is there somebody that knows and believes? 
logically speaking knowing can only happen to a knower, but as there is no-one (there is a body but whether it can have knowing is another story - grin) no-one to do the knowing and believing, all that can be said is that knowing or believing just happens - if it does.
How does that work?
Hah! this question just triggered something from my waffle about not being able to know anything. 
When writing that i was focusing on absolute knowledge and the Aha that just occurred was 'who' can't know anything for sure. Of course! it's inane, it's a non issue, there is no-one to know.
So to answer your question of a couple of posts ago...
seeing that there is no i has happened. There is no seeing of knowing or believing.

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