Thursday, September 16, 2010


what will come out tonight?
A yearning for silence.
The time for words is finished. Partly because they don't/ can't do it. But mostly because they seem a waste of time/effort now.
Words are the trap that keeps me identified with that mind construction called I/me.
They are still there – words. They saved me, gave me an identity when I needed it to live in the world. But now they are just vehicles. Transmitters of concepts. Good for communication (of things that language encompasses) But they are useless for anything earlier than their own birth.

Have a deep respect for the space that the body appears in. Whenever you remember, just be aware of this space. Wherever you are, space is exactly, exactly the same. There is no centre to space and no circumference either. Same with Awareness. That is why the ancients called it ‘space-like awareness’. You cannot separate awareness from space. In fact you cannot separate anything from anything else – it is ONE. 
Gilbert Schultz

I didn't remember that space much today. Working with other people makes it easy to get lost in the content of thought.
All I can do is return to cognition of that space when it occurs to me.

I am here, no-where.
I am neither I nor here.
Am is more than I.

Be-ing-ness. Am-ing-ness

Feeling helpless in the face of this experience is a surrender to 'what is', accepting whatever life dishes out to me, even though I know it is only a limited view of the 'seeing-knowing' that I believe is my source (everything).
Jenny told me tonight that I was behaving like a 'born again' again.(the above does sound a little religious...)

If being is everything, then every thing is part of being. But being doesn't have parts because it is everything. So, the idea of part of being is/can only be a mental construct. An idea. An illusion.

So all that exists is everything. Nothing less. Anything less is an impossibility.

I, as a separate something, cannot exist. But I do exist, so if not something separate then . . .

it's a rich spring night
in the autumn of my life
yum, seasons are great!