Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's the Doing...

The pleasure from life is in the appreciating of the doing.
This thought hit me a few days ago. It was profound, but like a dream the profundity has faded. i just remember that the seeing of this promised to change my life.
It was another way to arrive at 'being in the now' or doing the "be here now" of Ram Dass.
What can it be, to be fully immersed in the 'here' and 'now' but to be 'alive' with vibrant awareness of sensory input.
The mind, like a shovel, is a tool used to make it easier to achieve a particular outcome.
If i have to attend to the condition of the shovel to be able to use it, then i am diverted from my original aim. Likewise if i get sidetracked by the contents of my mind...

Alzheimer's. Can you be enlightened and have this?

Alzheimer's. Can you be enlightened and have this?
Can/Might an Enlightened person get Alzheimer's Disease ?
Can a person with Alzheimer's become Enlightened ?
Enlightened people throughout history have died of cancer and other 'normal' physical diseases.
Alzheimer's disease is a degeneration of the brain so it is perfectly reasonable to speculate that an 'Awake' person can get it.
For the not yet Enlightened with Alzheimer's to 'Awaken' is decreasingly likely as the disease progresses.
As an 'as yet unenlightened' without Alzheimer's, i am only speculating about this.

Wise thoughts...

Wise thoughts...
There can't be Wise Thoughts, can there?
Thoughts are just thoughts. What they are about... The response to them... The consequences of a reaction to the thought... The thought consequence to a thought and the thought stream and the consequences of action taken as a result of that thought stream, that is where the wisdom or absence of it is.
i see a mess on the floor as i go somewhere.
i step over it vaguely thinking "not my problem."
Then time seems to slow as i take a 'greater' perspective on what just happened.
i see that i didn't want to interrupt my intention to get somewhere (probably to do something)
i see that what i was going to do will be delayed by only seconds if i pause to pick up the mess.
i also see that if i do the job that i will save someone else the time and effort of doing it.
i also see that to bend down and pick up the mess will give me the benefit of the valuable exercise which helps me keep more flexible and help burn some calories (i need to lose about 8kg)
i can now see that i feel good about picking up the mess.
The effort to pick up the mess which seemed great on first stepping over the mess now seems small.
i now have reasons to feel good about myself whereas before i would have has some background guilt for not picking up the mess.