Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Doubt Thoughts are back...

Spew forth and hope that something good turns up...
The Doubt Thoughts are back...
Triggered by a person on FB saying that they have so much energy that it is almost out of control.
Then somebody agreeing. Like it was the normal.
It hasn't happened here..
Does that mean there was no gate crossing ?
No, it means that Thoughts about That arose.
It seems that there is a lingering tendency to revert.
Thoughts of Doubt probably arise only every couple of days now.
There is always The Sweet Spot for reassurance.
To see a thought as a thought with as much significance as say the sound of the refrigerator.
With the thoughts content given a casual perusal to evaluate whether they are worthy of attention.
The mind is a magnificent tool, or tool-box really. It contains equipment to solve the trickiest puzzle.
It Doesn't need a Driver.
It All just Happens.
Somehow we've given the mind permission to make up things and to ascribe meaning and purpose to everything. It's good at doing this. It's obsessed with it. It's whole purpose seem now to be Script writing.
Now that casual perusal to evaluate the worthiness of Attention is based on whether the thought realtes to something real or whether just story writing. If it's opinion, judgement, then it part of a story.
So the crap thoughts flow. They ebb and flow in a seemingly chaotic manner. They are just ignored.
Simple, they are ignored. Not interested.
Paying them no attention very quickly weakens them. They come less often and with less vigour.
They don't need to be suppressed. Simple Awareness, the Light of Attention is sufficient to kill them.