Friday, November 23, 2012

Separate or One ?

In seeing, Both see-er and seen are required. Remove any one, then neither exist. (except as a story in your mind)
How can there be separation ?
 Only the mind behaves as if separation exists. In experience, everything only exists because of everything else.
Consider the senses, hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling.
Isn't it the case that any of these senses require stimulation to become active ?
If they are being activated by a connection with whatever is being sensed, then that dance requires all partners. Ergo, no separation. In fact, a joining. And only when we are joined does experiencing start. Only when we are One, can the dance begin.
If something were truly separate, then it couldn't be part of Experiencing, as there would be no connection and thus no sense stimulation.


A belief is where some thoughts have given other thoughts permission to generate a response without consulting the 'conscious' mind, that is without consulting thoughts in the present.
It is a given. If you believe something then you respond to it without any thought. Automatically.

It is impossible to resist beliefs as there is nothing there to push back against.

Do you believe that you are at the mercy of your beliefs ?

Is belief born of thoughts ?
Is it thoughts that resonated once, in the past ?
Thoughts that other thoughts said were right ?
Thoughts that other thoughts have said need not be questioned ?
Thoughts that bypass conscious awareness and directly effect emotion ?

The way to allow a belief to become irrelevant is to examine it.
All beliefs are story, and none stand up to close scrutiny. (as being reality)
Beliefs (and opinions) are always ABOUT something. They are never IT.

Belief is what handcuffs you to a fictitious self.
No self = No beliefs. (of course, the story of self and beliefs inherent to that, remain - but are seen for what they are. That is that they are SEEn to be nothing but a Concept.)

The moment i see a belief or an opinion, alarms go off here.

Does belief require faith ?
Is faith another form of belief ?

Why does belief have any credibility ? Lots of kids believe in Santa Clause. What's the difference between that belief and somebody that believes in god, or somebody that believes in conspiracy theories. Why is your belief more credible ?

When i was a kid, it happened that one day as normally happened, my mother woke me, telling me to get ready for school.
i got up and got dressed and was just heading out the bedroom door when my mother woke me for school.
i believed i was awake and it was so realistic that when i was woken for the second time i felt like i had to do it all again, even though the first time was in a dream.
This experience left me believing that i can't actually know anything, i can only have beliefs and they can be shown to be wrong at any moment. i.e. they have no credibility. In fact they are the cause of most (if not all) suffering.
Just to finish this, i now hold the following to be true (until it is shown not to be); i can't know anything. i can only have beliefs that i will use 'as if' they are true for the purpose of navigating a given situation, and then discard them until/if they become useful again.