Thursday, October 27, 2011

The absence of what you are doing -- trying to understand, or trying to change yourself -- is the state of being that I am describing U.G. Krishnamurti.

You can’t have a scratching problem without the bite and the scratcher. You can’t heal the wound of the enlightenment bug with more or less scratching or more aware scratching.
The bite is the idea that you have to be different from what you are and the mind is the scratcher.
Can you stop the itching? Can you stop scratching?
Eric Gross Seekers and their Mosquito Bites
How hard is it to accept that what i am IS what i am seeking, once i no longer seek?
Oh! i say,
but i have so many shortcomings...
It's not that i am in pain, or suffering, it's just that i could be so much better.
Analyse this, i say,
Ok, Who could be better? Who is obviously not the thought construct, the concept i call me.
Maybe it's my body (i believe that's not who/what i really am), but it sure could use improvement.
My emotions are experienced in the body, they could be better.
The way i express myself in communicating with others could be better. (hmm, not sure how that is me...)

What is better?
My body could be healthier, more energetic, less overweight. i could lose the dermatitis.
My emotions (thought reactions) could be more happy/satisfied/contented.
My interactions with others could be more satisfying, less arrogent (on my part, always telling others how they could be better).

The non acceptance of 'what is' starts the seeking. Begins the itch.
It seems like i am seeking what i don't have (being better), so how can UG say that i already am what i am seeking?
Oh, i see, without the seeking i am what i now seek to be...
The itch will vanish when i stop scratching it...