Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is it that can't find a self ?

Some say that there is a knowing that there is no self.
Here there is just a realisation that thoughts can't find an I.
The I was a thought construct, a concept.
The truth (a concept too) was arrived at by seeing the false.
The I was false. Or rather, no I found, that is all.
Thoughts are what i experience, but i can't call them mine.
Science shows that the brain decides 6 seconds before a thought thinks it decides.
see here
Thoughts just arise. Can't see where they come from.
Yet it's thoughts that decide that there is no I.
Well actually they don't decide, they just can't find one.
i don't know anything, don't even know that i'm not dreaming all this. Dreams seem so real when they're happening, just as this seems so real. So there is no knowing.
Can't find an I. Thoughts not mine. Don't know anything.
Is this freedom to experience directly ?
To simply watch life life-ing ?