Sunday, December 7, 2014

Being friends with thoughts..

Well, posts are few and far between these days.
Things have settled into a nice smooth life-ing, even while the 'journey' continues.
Focus is maintained by guiding others to freedom on the Liberation Unleashed website, and discussions on the LU Facebook groups.
What stands out most in recent times, is the relationship with thoughts.
There is a friendliness, a warm acceptance towards the arising of thought streams.
i guess it started when thoughts lost their power to take over the organism with emotion. Don't get me wrong, they can still deliver that, but is seems now that there is a trigger that sets off a noticing that this is about to happen. That noticing changes the inevitability of being involved in an invitation.
Not that there is a choice about accepting the invitation or not, but there does seem to be some 'intelligence' involved in the 'direction' that is taken.
The thoughts themselves seem to be more polite. That is that they don't insist on being noticed (as much). They seem quite happy to percolate along in the background, to the point where they are hardly noticed. i have a story that they may even be there, even when not noticed. (but, who knows - grin)
When thoughts seem to insist on being noticed, i invite other thoughts, that inquire if the insistent ones are useful. If not, they are labeled 'entertainment'. (and they evaporate if they are boring)

Well, it's been 3 days since starting this post. Interesting the lack of interest in actually taking it anywhere...
Gardening has a stronger pull, but will expand on this if comments seem to want it.

Ok, let's find a haiku to finish..
Thoughts used to insist.
Now they just travel on through,
like wind in the trees.

Monday, June 30, 2014

To summarise for this organism;

There is only THIS, which includes stories about THAT.
THIS is the perception of experiencing that is currently occurring.
THAT is everything else.
Nothing is KNOWN. There is just behavior AS IF some things are true.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Am I more than a thought ?

Who am I ?
What am I ?
What do i find when looking ?
Where ever i look, there are thoughts.
Thoughts about the contents of other thoughts,
Thoughts about sensations, and, and nothing else.
Of course there are times when not looking,
Then there is nothing.
That is until remembering happens, and that's more thoughts.


what makes a belief a belief? 
It's interesting that we can't experience a belief. 
We can act out the content of one, but the moment we recognize the container of that content (the belief) is ceases to be a belief. It is just thoughts.
It may be reinstated as a belief, but while we examine it what is it ?
What are beliefs made from ?
They are thoughts of course, but thoughts with a special status. That status is that they are identified with. They have been given permission to be acted on without consideration. They don't need to surface (become conscious) before being taken as true or real. They are me, or I am them.
Now, consider this; You once believed in Santa.
When you stopped believing that he was real, what happened to that belief ?
Did it morph into a belief that he is not real ?
Does that belief still exist but with another belief that the first belief is wrong ? (that is that there are now two beliefs)
Did that belief cease to be a belief ? If this is the case, was it replaced with a new one that says "Santa is not real" ?
What about the case of say, Yeti or Bigfoot or Aliens. If you haven't been forced to take a stand and committed to either believing that they exist or believing that they don't exist, (to say "not believing" is a misnomer as that is a belief) you probably still behave AS IF they don't exist. (given that you most likely would be surprised to be confronted by one)
Can we know of those beliefs that are embedded ?
What does it take to discover the existence of a belief ?
Is examination of a belief sufficient to introduce the possibility that it will be 'dropped' ?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Awakening is not mystical or spiritual...

i will have a rant and try to bring us to the simplicity that this actually is.
This process is intended to lead to a responding to what is real in a different way to the response to what is concept.
In the beginning, that responding is (almost) a conscious decision. At least is seems this way. (until it happens)
i'm not meaning to be mystical here. This is not even a spiritual process. Just bear with me...
Now if i say to you that the Statue of Liberty is only a concept to you until you experience it. Can you see that ?
Unless you are experiencing it, you can only think about it. Right ?
You can believe that it exists as a solid, concrete object in NY Harbor, but that belief is still thoughts ABOUT it. Right ?
So what is actually Real for you at any time is only that which stimulates the 5 senses.
Now all of this is pretty obvious (once we examine it) so how does it lead to 'liberation' ? you ask..
Let's examine a little deeper.
When we say "what stimulates the senses", how does this occur ?
Is your hand resting on something now ? (if not then rest it somewhere)
Now you might describe the sensation of touch as pressure between the part of your hand and the resting place, but on examination the words "touch", "pressure", "sensation", "hand" etc. are all labels to describe something. They are about it, but they are not it. Comprendé ?
So what is real here ? If it were painful you might say the "ouch ouch" is real, but because we are only talking about what the label 'pressure' points to, there probably aren't words to that point directly to it. Even the "ouch ouch" only points to the thing that the label pain also points to.
The Real, is the sensation that the labels point to. The actual sensation can't be communicated. It can only be experienced. (...or to be pedantic here, if it were experienced, then that would also be a memory. It would be more thoughts ABOUT it. It would have to be the actual experiencing of the sensation. (the verb))
(some homework - you might look up, if you don't already know, what an abstract noun is.)
 Reiterating; Current experiencing is the totality of what is real. ALL else is story. Thought stuff. Concept.
Now here's where the rubber hits the road..
There is very real current experiencing that is not the response to the 5 senses, but is the response to thought. To story. Now often that response is 'tainted' because the concept is taken as real.
In many instances it is of value to take it to be real. This is how we negotiate daily life.
We believe that the door will open when we turn the knob. We believe that tomorrow will exist in a condition that living can continue in a similar way to yesterday, etc.
There are however many beliefs (thought stories) that result in distortions and emotions that are unhealthy and even unpleasant. Stress, anger, frustrations, etc.
Many of these are so entrenched in our cult (ure) that they are taken as real.
Those that unquestioningly behave as if those beliefs are real are said to be 'asleep' by those that are said to have 'awakened'.
The difference between those two 'groups' is not that the awakened have a very agile mind that recognizes which to believe and which to not believe. There is something more fundamental that occurs with the seeing of this. In fact the 'awakened' might only think of this 'division' when an unpleasant or unhealthy emotion starts or is about to start. (and in the beginning, even after it has finished playing out) Otherwise life-ing goes on as 'normal'.
The term 'liberation' refers to being liberated from the dream that what was previously taken as real, but is in fact no more than a belief. A story. Thought stuff.
But it might also refer to being liberated from the weight of the reactions to those beliefs.
One of the biggest weights comes from the concept of Responsibility.
Responsibility is a concept. If we were to replace it with Consequence, we would have a Reality based Idea.
Yes, Consequence is only a story until experiencing (of what the label points to) is happening.
Responsibility is a concept born of a bigger story. Morality.
The story of Morality is a culture based one. The morality around killing an enemy is different for a tribesman in the jungle to what it is for us.
The thing with morality, especially Christian morality is that it it based on the IDEA that humans are inherently bad. My story is that they are inherently good, and that the bad is the result of distorted teachings (upbringing).
Now both are stories, and when we consider them from a Wisdom viewpoint, it becomes obvious that every human is unique, and the conditions for each is unique. In fact our own uniqueness and conditions are so complex and huge in number that we can't even know ourselves. The bit that we do know is a story that consists of (almost) hand picked events and characteristics.
When those events and characteristics mesh to form an acceptable story (usually), we call it Me or I.
Getting away from story or concept, in Experiencing, have you found anything solid or actual that you can call an I ?
Would it be true to say that the word I is an abstract noun, that for centuries has been presumed (unquestioningly) to be an actual thing ?