Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The habit of self.

The habit of me,
conditioned by life so far.
Now seen as a lie.

The freedom to see,
the world as it is really,
now resides in here.

occurs with each emotion.
Each seeing weakens.

What is left now that
self is seen as delusion ?
Just what always was.

But the ride now has
become more wondrous.
Wonder-full it is.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What dies at the point of death ?

In a conversation death came up.
One person asked what survives death, and there was consensus that the only answer to this could be "I don't know"
The next question was "Well, what dies at the point of death ?" and there was agreement that the body does (duh! obvious) but the idea that 'life force' or soul or whatever you want to call it 'leaves' the body at this point, which is a commonly held belief could only be supposition.
There is no doubt that 'something' is missing at the point of death, and on consideration that something was in fact a whole lot of things.
Movement and the unique activity of the person, the expressions, sound expressions, look expressions etc were absent, leaving an inanimate body. This could easily explain the absence of what was seen as the personality or the core essence of that person.
Somebody else then said that "They", meaning the I or Me that they were, that also went, to which i responded, "no, that never existed in the first place."
The idea, the concept that was held and believed to be a Me/I/They would stop as it was brain generated thought, and would stop when the brain/body stopped.
Next there is a story that i like that says the energy, the unseen, unmeasurable energy, maybe even consciousness, anyway something magical returns to be recycled. Nice story, i have no idea if it is right or not - doesn't matter, i'll just use it 'till a better one comes along. i'll never know, there'll be no i when it happens.

Scattering ashes,
with love in my heart for her.
She lives on in me.