Monday, November 26, 2012

Wisdom revisited...

A repost from a year before awakening happened...
"Your default setting is wisdom and peace. 
The only thing that ever covers over your experience of spaciousness and peace, in any moment, is believed thought." Vince Flammini
Now, a year post liberation (2 yrs later), this is seen rather differently.
Whereas before the 'default setting' was seen as a state, now it is seen as a flow.
Even the (newly) awakened being, when responding habitually to a 'button' being pushed, will not be expressing wise thinking. This is impossible while the current of emotion is raging. The wise perspective will certainly reappear the moment that the actual happening is seen to be the result of conditioning. (this will weaken it and cause it to eventually wither away)

Here are previous posts on this subject.

Is it possible for children to express wisdom ?
This question begets the need to describe wise thinking.
In view of what is currently seen, it is simply seeing 'what IS', that is the actual, without the distortion or addition of the mind filters. The filters produced by the story of self.
The saying "out of the mouths of babes." gives us a clue. How often do we hear an unfiltered statement  about 'how it IS' from children ?
Their ego (story of self) is not yet sufficiently complex for them to include in their script, the possible ramifications of what they say, so they just blurt it out. As it IS.
i guess this is unintentional wisdom ??

Can wisdom be expressed while not knowing it is wisdom ?
The child above certainly has no concept of wisdom.
It is infrequent that an adult will express anything without an inherent opinion/judgement. (therefore unlikely that wisdom is present)

Is there such a thing as accidental wisdom ? (is there such a thing as intentional wisdom ?)
If wise thinking is present, it most certainly isn't the result of seeking wisdom. It most likely is the result of someone grokking that suffering is induced by believing a story about how they & the world works, rather than SEEing the actuality. How IT Is.
Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in experience. Wiki...