Sunday, December 7, 2014

Being friends with thoughts..

Well, posts are few and far between these days.
Things have settled into a nice smooth life-ing, even while the 'journey' continues.
Focus is maintained by guiding others to freedom on the Liberation Unleashed website, and discussions on the LU Facebook groups.
What stands out most in recent times, is the relationship with thoughts.
There is a friendliness, a warm acceptance towards the arising of thought streams.
i guess it started when thoughts lost their power to take over the organism with emotion. Don't get me wrong, they can still deliver that, but is seems now that there is a trigger that sets off a noticing that this is about to happen. That noticing changes the inevitability of being involved in an invitation.
Not that there is a choice about accepting the invitation or not, but there does seem to be some 'intelligence' involved in the 'direction' that is taken.
The thoughts themselves seem to be more polite. That is that they don't insist on being noticed (as much). They seem quite happy to percolate along in the background, to the point where they are hardly noticed. i have a story that they may even be there, even when not noticed. (but, who knows - grin)
When thoughts seem to insist on being noticed, i invite other thoughts, that inquire if the insistent ones are useful. If not, they are labeled 'entertainment'. (and they evaporate if they are boring)

Well, it's been 3 days since starting this post. Interesting the lack of interest in actually taking it anywhere...
Gardening has a stronger pull, but will expand on this if comments seem to want it.

Ok, let's find a haiku to finish..
Thoughts used to insist.
Now they just travel on through,
like wind in the trees.