Sunday, January 22, 2012

i'm posting less and less...

i'm posting less and less as there seems to be less to express.
There is plenty to express in response to discussion on This New way of Being, but not much seems to want airing otherwise.
There was a value in expressing almost anything before as this was a way of discovering what was happening at a deeper level of mind/emotion.
Now there seems to be a different kind of discovery going on.
The relaxed observing of 'What IS' seems to be the main conscious awareness that occurs.
Before, there was a desperate attempt to work out what was going on subconsciously, based on the belief that every neurosis had to be worked out/through individually. That each had to be brought to the surface and washed clean, whereas now it is seen that these thing can simple be dropped, en masse, simply with the exposure of the process that they are involved in.
Details are irrelevant. Each time a trigger is activated, regardless of What it brings up, it is Seen and that is usually the end of it.
Some triggers need multiple exposure but most do Not.