Friday, January 13, 2012

i have a story...

..been sayin' for a while now that stories have a place. They are the script to negotiate a role. We have a script for son or daughter, or for mother father, or breadwinner or protector, or provider of love and many more. If we took the script for every role we have ever played plus the scripts, finished and still in progress for the future and bundled them all in together, we have a story. Your story. The Story of You. This is good. This is useful, but it is also a trap. A beautiful, sweet scented trap.
The Trap is to believe that this main character in the story is YOU.
When you can see how stories are constructed, how thought builds a multi-dimensional character it's easy to be detached, in a literal sense, to be unattached to any fabrication.
Not identified with the character in the story.
...or is it ?
How do we know that there is no/not much/a little/a teeny weeny bit of identification with one/more stories?
Do we need/want to know?
What is 'to know' ?
What is 'identification' ?