Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the way to Melbourne...

On the way to Melbourne,
to say a Final goodbye to Heather,
There is emotional appreciation
for the Gift she gives.
All her life she was a Gift for all those that knew her.
She is my wife's best friend and sister.
She is sister to the whole world.
Quietly stubborn sometimes and Oh, so Stoic.
In pain but never a word about it, always seems so calm.
Hope i can keep it together when talking to her on Friday.
Hope i'm not too late to talk to her. don't know what i will say.
Don't Need to say anything, but would Like to say;
"Heather, thank you for being part of my Life.
You have enriched it immensely.
Go with Love & peace.
But of course i wont, You don't admit that this could be the last conversation that you might have together.

still raining.

The rain's still falling.
It's a Frog Orchestra now.
the little fuckers.

Buckets of Frog eggs,
make rabbit breeding look tame.
The Rain is so Loud.

Meditating Sounds,
The Frogs, the Rain and my Mind.
Deep i went tonight.