Sunday, January 29, 2012

haiku... On the verandah,


On the verandah,
A Hot Summer night, typing,
Compassion rages.

the Pain...

Seeing the Pain in Her sisters,
evoked it's own pain of sorts.
When does an unpleasant Sensation become painful ?
Imagined the Pain in Her Mother, though she didn't show it,
evoking an uncomfortable Question about Pain felt and Not Expressed.
Is the Pain connected to Her ?
Is it Our Pain responding to the Worlds history of Pain ?
Sadness at a Loss is pretty selfish pain.
Sadness by the witnessing of Suffering also starts and ends in our own head.
Sadness for the UnCreated by Her dying, 
still doesn't connect with Her.
All the Pain is just the Organisms' way of saying,
"I don't want to lose that limb, even though I will manage without it."
It is the Pain if Clinging to That which we never had hold of.
If i say "go in peace and love", 
it is so that i can have that peace and love.
How do i Farewell a part of me ?