Saturday, January 14, 2012

Strange and wonderful things happen here.

Strange and wonderful things happen here. 
We've now got a notion of the actuality that Everything in your current experiencing adds up to What IS, and that includes both pleasant and unpleasant sensations. 
We also have the notion that Choice is made by the organisms brain some time before the mind (thoughts) kicks in. 
So we have a notion of Surrender. 
What can we do anyway? 
There is no choice! 
So all of a sudden you become Not the Driver but you discover that you were the passenger all along. So Surrender, Give Up. Enjoy the Ride. After all, what choice is there?
So with all this going on, guess what happens ?
The bodily sensations evaporate. 
The brain has been re-wired to to a higher level of efficiency. 
It now knows of the incredible waste of energy that the feedback loop of 'thought-feeling-more thought-more feeling...' was.
The thoughts that generated the fear sensation do have some persistance, that is they are triggered by certain conditions and will be triggered in the future, BUT each time you 'see' it occur, SIMPLE SEEING it will cause it to evaporate and be weakened further (that trigger becomes unwired), until pretty quickly it becomes only an occasional visit from the friend of old that has another message for you.