Monday, October 24, 2011

What is an appropriate relationship to those people...

What is an appropriate relationship to those people whose world view is very different to mine ?
i can say that i don't even know myself very well, so how is it possible to have even the slightest knowledge of anyone else ?
Am talking about everybody else ?
There are some people who share some attitudes with me, but nobody who does one hundred percent.
If i ask myself "where did the question come from?", i get an image of a particular person.
i know this person a bit. i have experienced them in their private lives and know them to be a nice and good  person. Their interests are very distant to mine, they see the world so differently that i have no confidence that anything i say will be interpreted in the spirit, or with the meaning that was intended.
And so, here is the answer to my question. A benign indifference might be appropriate except for needed contact and navigating through necessary interaction.
An all important aspect of this is the experience of equanimity.

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