Sunday, September 26, 2010

awake in the night

i woke sometime in the night, happy to contemplate beingness.
i composed a haiku, believing i would remember it this morning.
now i can't.

This brings up the question for me 'what is remembering?'
the word implies to rejoin a severed member (limb)
to bring it back into memory. to make it a present thought. to massage the mind.
Knowing that it is somewhere but not in the conscious mind opens up the mind to awareness of not mind. Hmm...
is it in unconscious mind or is it further, deeper... ?

pull it from a dream
knowing it was there but not
re-membering it

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Roy said...

Dreaming is a dream. Being awake (in the day)is also a dream. Leo Hartong called his first book 'Awakening to the dream'. He woke up to the fact that this imagined life is a dream that you don't wake up from but wake up to. Who is aware of the dream?