Friday, November 23, 2012

Separate or One ?

In seeing, Both see-er and seen are required. Remove any one, then neither exist. (except as a story in your mind)
How can there be separation ?
 Only the mind behaves as if separation exists. In experience, everything only exists because of everything else.
Consider the senses, hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling.
Isn't it the case that any of these senses require stimulation to become active ?
If they are being activated by a connection with whatever is being sensed, then that dance requires all partners. Ergo, no separation. In fact, a joining. And only when we are joined does experiencing start. Only when we are One, can the dance begin.
If something were truly separate, then it couldn't be part of Experiencing, as there would be no connection and thus no sense stimulation.


Neosimian Sapiens said...

Quote from the article: “In seeing, Both see-er and seen are required. Remove any one, then neither exist. (except as a story in your mind)”

"My" experience: That story can be pretty convincing!

When I'm out hiking, I can become detached from the story. There might be nothing in perception except (for example) some exquisite little plants in the creek.

A moment later the story intrudes; a question pops up: “Where were you just then?”

The mind concludes, “I was over there, in the creek.” There's no memory of anything else “just then.” But clearly I've been walking! Clearing I've been breathing! Clearly ... clearly ...

Where did “I” go? “I” wasn't in that creek. Where was “I”? The mind becomes confused: surely — SURELY! — I was a hiker. Right?

Oh, that story! That seductive story!

vince schubert said...

Tim, i don't know if you're having fun or you're serious with this.
When perception was wholly taken up with the plants, there was no story.
When the story returned, it came with typically false assumptions. That there had to be an I somewhere, that because there was walking, the hiker label defined you.
There was breathing, so why didn't the mind say that Surely! you were a breather ?
It's amazing how flakey stories can be so totally believed.