Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alzheimer's. Can you be enlightened and have this?

Alzheimer's. Can you be enlightened and have this?
Can/Might an Enlightened person get Alzheimer's Disease ?
Can a person with Alzheimer's become Enlightened ?
Enlightened people throughout history have died of cancer and other 'normal' physical diseases.
Alzheimer's disease is a degeneration of the brain so it is perfectly reasonable to speculate that an 'Awake' person can get it.
For the not yet Enlightened with Alzheimer's to 'Awaken' is decreasingly likely as the disease progresses.
As an 'as yet unenlightened' without Alzheimer's, i am only speculating about this.


No One In Particular said...

Enlightenment isn't something an ego has, no more than Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's can, indeed, arise. However, sticking to relative, time-informed reality...enlightenment, or whatever we're calling it today, can seem a bit LIKE Alzheimer's! Without the distress about forgetting things, perhaps.

vince said...

i imagine that however much Alzheimer's is added to by stress hormones, that this might be removed. Also conceptualise that 'clear seeing' of the body/mind's emotional contribution to dis-ease might reduce the psychosomatic aspect of all illness.

Anonymous said...

memories are part of the grand illusion of "me". A major part. While, in the latter stages of Alzheimer's, a person ceases to understand concepts and ideas and forgets how to take care of their daily requirements, isn't this precisely what occurred to Ramana Maharshi when he first got to Arunachala? Perhaps the shedding of all these things that contribute to the *I* illusion actually helps instead of impedes clear seeing. Just a thought. Like everything else.