Saturday, November 26, 2011

the right question

Paraphrasing Jed McKenna, "the right question is way more important than any answer." "the right question is the one you don't want to ask" "you will know it's the right question by resistance/avoidance"
Very loose paraphrasing, but no point looking for the actual quote - the gist is here, so...
What is the right question ?
Seems like i am seeking again here, so, having passed through the gate, what am i seeking ?
What am i seeking ?
Good question.
Looking, looking... i could say deepening but that is a concept, and a vague one at that.
Looking for the sonic boom that didn't happen on stream entry ? Even though that is recognised as thoughts left over from a time when a fantasy enlightenment looked like the ultimate escape from emotional pain, it still has some energy.
There was nothing i could do to gain stream entry and certainly nothing i can do to generate a blissful high (other than do drugs - which won't help this journey from here) So i guess i'll just have to live with remnant thoughts/desires.
It's a pretty busy life appreciating now, so those thoughts will just arise and pass away. (anicca)

I wanted some bliss,
so life could be wonderful.
Now it's wonder-full.

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