Monday, November 21, 2011


James asked me here "Experientially, does experience belong to the body, or is the body part of experience?"
The reply went "Hi James, (in my experience :))they can't be separated. 
When this body experiences, it is both the experienced and the experiencer.
The experience can't be experienced without the body just as the body can't exist (be perceived) without the experience."
But now to take this a little deeper...
What is experience?
Is it a reaction to something? re-action...
Is it action, as in primary activity ? Is all action really re-action ?

2 day break...

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts and couldn't arrive at what experience actually is, then Aha!
Experience is an illusion too. Like thoughts, experience is a label, a concept to explain happenings that have already happened.
Experience is memory about thoughts &/or sensations that have occurred in the past (albeit sometimes only seconds ago, but nevertheless in the past) usually as a reaction to circumstances.

Experience was.
Happenings remembered.
Only now is real.

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