Wednesday, September 7, 2011

before wisdom.

What is there before Wisdom?
There is no 'before wisdom'!
There is only before 'awareness of wisdom'
Even before there is 'awareness of wisdom' there is occasional expressions of wisdom. There most likely no recognition that it is wisdom. This is (possibly) because of the idea that wisdom is something that only old people from other cultures might possess.
Wisdom is not learned, it is revealed.
It cannot be possessed because it is a process and not a thing.
First there has to be an acceptance that Wisdom exists as a possibile reality.
Enquiry and recognition are the revealers.
Enquiry into whether there are more possibilities.
Recognition of a particular feeling, an altered state of consciousness.
Recognition of a rhythm in the flow.
Recognition of an effortless arising of possibilities.

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vince said...

Mindfulness Meditation played a big part in this for me.