Saturday, October 29, 2011

speaking to Eric

We spoke last night for just on an hour.
The thing that resonated with me most was when Eric spoke about trust. (hmm, already like a dream it has started to fade)
i now don't remember the words he used but the gist of it as it affected me was that the use of the mind is inappropriately overplayed. Of course it is something that i already knew (in an intellectual/mind way!!) but the way he put it felt right.
To just acknowledge a thought stream as i would a tree i was walking past. My continual analysing of my thoughts (and others behaviour) was keeping the peace experience away. (see Seekers and their Mosquito Bites)
i notice that i am breathing differently this morning. Lots of sighs and a deeper more relaxed breathing with the emphasis on the exhalations, just as in meditation or hypnosis or sleep. Less inclination to pontificate at every opportunity.
My skin condition seems the same though, or maybe a little better.
There is also less energy for expounding on this blog.

Has a point been reached,
where the ride to awareness
has reached no return ?

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