Monday, September 19, 2011

watched Gran Torino last night...

i watched Gran Torino last night and today my mind keeps coming back to it. (is this what a good movie does?)
My take on it (part of it..) is about fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear generated by the holes in our story that get filled with urban myth. ("all you gooks are good at maths...")
So here we have a Korea veteran who sees all asians as Gooks and is prepared to shoot any that step on his front lawn. He progresses through the movie in acceptance and even brotherhood ("these gooks have more in common with me than i thought..") and at the end he willingly ends his life in a sacrifice for the future of a (gook) friend.
Now this bloke is really right wing but in a typically  conservative manner he embraces the most humanitarian act possible.
This movie shouts out (for me) that the problems of the world are all emerging from fear.
Fearful people are defensive which is the opposite of the openness required for learning new ways of being.
Thankfully i have a glimmer of how the apparent mess the world is in is ok.