Monday, June 3, 2013

A question was asked; "Are you Enlightened?"

Hi Friend.
Language is by nature dualistic. (subject and object)
Language is the expression of thought, and as such is designed to be understood by mind (thoughts).
Enlightenment is a word used to describe the indescribable.
Enlightenment is (perhaps) the Recognition of something that mind can never understand. It is like the eyeball trying to see itself. 
What is recognised was always there. 
A portal to this discovery, is the Recognition of what obscures it. A delusion. The illusion of a personal self, an I/me. This illusion creates the delusion that there is an actual self running the show. There isn't. (if you are burning for this, i will happily guide you to SEE it for yourself)
Given that the I doesn't exist, no being can say with technical accuracy "I am Enlightened" - there is no I, to be Enlightened. (i actually prefer the word liberation, as in liberated from the delusion. 
The experiencing here is certainly no finished state. Perhaps from a Buddhist' perspective, it might be more accurately described as Stream Entry. (it's all actually irrelevant except for the purpose of communication)
As for "ego", (depending on what you mean by that word) it still exists, but is no longer 'running the show'. LIke a raincoat, it is useful in certain circumstances. It is not an enemy and never was. It was just like an out of control child and just needs boundaries.
You ask "who is the one taking all the actions and thinking and seeing."
The underlying presumption here is that there must be a "who" or "what" to take the actions. Where is Akash when his body is in deep sleep ? 
There is a body. There is breathing happening. No 'self' doing it.
Try this; Look at your left hand. Move it a little. 
Was there an I doing the moving ? or did it just move ?

To be a seeker, and having no idea or understanding of what you are truly seeking is a distinct advantage over those that 'think' that they know what they can't yet know.
Perhaps everybody that is still stuck in the delusion is seeking 'home'. They know that something is wrong, even if they don't know exactly what.
Perpetual bliss is definitely a story, but the discovery here is that happiness and a knowing that everything is OK, is the default 'state' for humans being.