Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ok, let's consider this; EVERYTHING that is outside of your current Experiencing is story. (they may or may not be accurate, but as they are not part of Experiencing in this instant, they can only be conceptualized.)
All beliefs and opinions are story. Every word or thought is story, even those 'original' thought/words used to describe/communicate Experiencing (because by the time a word ABOUT it is formed it is already only memory)
Only Experiencing is Reality for 'you'. In Experiencing there is no thought, no awareness. You are the Experiencing. Experiencing is 'you'.
So in order to have awareness, we have to have thought. The awareness is description of an Experience (memory).
The moment we have thought, we are in the realm of concept, of Story. In order to communicate we need story. This is useful. We have a useful story to enable the transfer of information to 'another'.
When does a story become the source of suffering ?
Is it when it adds something to the Experiential Reality ?
Is it when we respond to the conceptual instead of to the Experiencing ?
How do we Recognize when this occurs ? What triggers can we set that will evoke the Recognition ?
We know that when Recognition that we are responding to a story happens, that the response get 'short circuited', it gets dropped.
We also know that this de-conditions the habitual responding to this particular story.
So the key is the trigger.
If we have it clear that it is conceptual additions to Experiencing, that constitutes these stories, we can use the responding itself (the responding that will be dropped when Recognition occurs) as the trigger.
When emotion starts to rise, or has risen there will be investigation as to whether it it emotion as a response to the Experiencing that is occurring, or whether it is a response to something about that Experiencing.
If it is about it, then it is conceptual. This is SEEn and then reaction is dropped.

The difference between the liberated and 'others'

The first difference between the liberated and 'others', is that the liberated have stopped believing that they are the character in the story of a self.
The result of this is that they then recognize when they start to 'act out' the script, and with that recognition, a dropping of the responding to beliefs that come out of the story.
Each time a dropping occurs, the neuronal pathways associated with the habitual expressing of the reactive emotion, is weakened. It starts to atrophy with disuse.
Relatively (relative to the years lived in the delusion that an I was actual) quickly all of the extra dross is no longer a feature in the liberateds' life-ing.
Considering that this Reality distorting shit permeated all waking life (and even sleeping dreams), a huge burden has been lifted.
The result of the elimination of this load, is much more than just the absence of all of this emotion.
On a physical level, the body is not flooded with stress hormones regularly, which has obvious benefits.
On another level, an innate 'wisdom' is revealed that was previously swamped with the old reactions to almost every situation. There is a 'knowing' of all that needs to be known in every situation that 'life presents'.
i am describing experiencing here.
How much of it is story for you ?