Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What is Real in this moment ?

Nothing is Real except the current experiencing.
LOOK for yourself. 
Is there anything other than what you are experiencing, that is not thought about it?  
It is just a thought product. Story. 
The thought itself is Real, but what it is about is just concept. Mind product.
These stories may or may not predict the Real. This can only be revealed when actually experiencing what they were about. How often does the thoughts about something turn out to be different ?

Thought streams (stories) may be divided into practical, useful, stories and everything else.
Everything else might include stories that are entertainment. These would be seen for the fiction that they are, and simply enjoyed. 
Then there are those thought stories that cause suffering.
What is suffering ?
Is it always the result of responding to thought ?
Certainly the emotional reaction to these stories are Real
When there is Recognition of which kind of thought has arisen, and this recognition happens habitually (eventually, it happens in the background), Happiness is expressed. (habitually) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


a haiku
Having opinion,
shows that judgement is present.
Lost in storyland.