Tuesday, September 14, 2010

drunk on something.

I got told I was behaving insensitive to others feelings and that it was religious and I was going weird again.
I was being boorish about how good life is for me. (I think I corrected someone when she said that something was terrible and I pointed out the good side of it. It would have been better to think and not say...)
I am still having some great moods, easily accepting whatever comes along seeing it all as a story of my own (minds) production.
Is patience a matter of not waiting (for future) ? Of course the obvious question here is “who is being patient. Well the obvious answer here is This concept my mind calls me that occupies so much of my attention that I can only think about Seeing.
When I look for the I (that can only think about Seeing) I (that looks) only finds thoughts with an identity called I. The I (looker)can only see the I (that is seen) if it is greater than the I (that is seen)
Seeing this should generate a doorway.
It doesn't!
So obviously I am still identified with an I of fictional nature.
Impatience is rife
Why won't the covers depart
they're off, you fool. Look

See Seek Seeker

See ker
14/09/10 23:08:00
I grok the resistance that seeking is.