Thursday, November 25, 2010

i haven't been asleep (but i haven't woken up either)

some "movement" for some shift in understanding (all mind stuff with physical attributes) has occurred.
the clearest "picture" at the moment is the description that Jiddu Krishnamurti painted when he "revealed" his "secret" was that he didn't mind what happened.

puts it slightly differently when she says "Consent itself is a bridge from the superficial self to the deeper self. The deeper self is the no-self of aware space or presence. Consent is a bridge from object consciousness to space consciousness (see p. 227 of A New Earth). Consent is a bridge from ego to essence, from knowing to not knowing, from form to formlessness. Consent is the thump of power at the heart of each person. Consent is the inborn vitality that is accessed in any moment we live as a Yes! to life."

Peter Majason (this mans pointers caused a shift in me) says this;
"You must either accept your acceptance 
Or lack of acceptance
Accept your non-acceptance of your
Acceptance or lack of acceptance
Or not."

Me, i can only say "yes", give consent and observe the details of myself doing that (or not)  

what happens, happens.
that is, it's already done 
when i notice it.