Monday, October 31, 2011

hands off!

Sitting here listening to Paul Hedderman and looking at my hands and the skin condition that is now healing quite fast, but required me to wear gloves even to drive and it hit me. What i am telling myself (my self! ha! ownership of a non existant thing - self!!!) is HANDS OFF!
Stop trying to control the world. 
In the words of that Beatles song...
"Speaking words of wisdom, let it be."
Stop trying to 'get a grip' on it. It doesn't need handling. i don't need to manipulate life (manipulate verb [ with obj. ]1 handle or control 2 alter, edit 3 control or influence) 
Hah! the irony of all this is that i can't do any of the above anyway. i can only have an illusion of control.

---- sleep ----

Woke up with the saying "you can't get a handle on this"
It can't be understood. It is beyond mind.

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