Monday, January 16, 2012

Question Four: If you had one bit of guidance you would have liked to have heard in the aftermath of fresh liberation from someone already through the gate, what might that advice have been?

Doubt the doubts then ROFLOL.

Something interesting occurred to me...

There is a 'feeling', a 'knowing' that the Wisdom part of the brain is dominant when on Unleashed Facebook or the Gate forum pointing for somebody.
It's as if i can see the detachment from a story that's been played in the past, but can see the script being written for This story As It Happens.
Can it be, Is it there in the rest of my life ?
This IS the rest of my life. Duh!
Only thoughts can imbue life with Apparent segments, Apparent separation.
So if this is IT.
If THIS is IT, and i want a different IT....
and choice is an illusion, then how will it happen ?
...hang on a mo while i pull up a soapbox.
right! This is how.
You intend for something to happen.
See it in your minds eye (:-))
Then you let it go. Like letting a bird fly out of your cupped hands. You let it go.
Then go on Life-ing.
Don't even wait, well, unless waiting is happening.