Thursday, August 16, 2012

"I don't know how to SEE." said the Seeker.

SEEing is about Direct Experiencing.
That is about what happens before mind.
Before thoughts start their ranting about what just happened.
The thoughts take a milliSecond to arrive and if you are relaxed and ready you can take a snapshot of conditions which can then be inspected 'outside of time', so to speak.
Thoughts will still arise as a torrent, and like ads on the tv will endeavor to make you dissatisfied with what has just been observed and then offer you relief in the familiar.
Allow these thought (you can't stop them anyway), allow them, then as in judo, rather than try and stop them, you just deflect them, using their own momentum to take them off into infinity.
It's the moment before the thought torrent, that you intend to glimpse.
That glimpse will encompass so much detail that you may spend days inspecting it.
Practice it. (without judgement or opinions about how successful you might be)