Thursday, May 3, 2012

What dies at the point of death ?

In a conversation death came up.
One person asked what survives death, and there was consensus that the only answer to this could be "I don't know"
The next question was "Well, what dies at the point of death ?" and there was agreement that the body does (duh! obvious) but the idea that 'life force' or soul or whatever you want to call it 'leaves' the body at this point, which is a commonly held belief could only be supposition.
There is no doubt that 'something' is missing at the point of death, and on consideration that something was in fact a whole lot of things.
Movement and the unique activity of the person, the expressions, sound expressions, look expressions etc were absent, leaving an inanimate body. This could easily explain the absence of what was seen as the personality or the core essence of that person.
Somebody else then said that "They", meaning the I or Me that they were, that also went, to which i responded, "no, that never existed in the first place."
The idea, the concept that was held and believed to be a Me/I/They would stop as it was brain generated thought, and would stop when the brain/body stopped.
Next there is a story that i like that says the energy, the unseen, unmeasurable energy, maybe even consciousness, anyway something magical returns to be recycled. Nice story, i have no idea if it is right or not - doesn't matter, i'll just use it 'till a better one comes along. i'll never know, there'll be no i when it happens.

Scattering ashes,
with love in my heart for her.
She lives on in me.


Neosimian Sapiens said...

I was considering that question, "What dies at the point of death?" and my usual, pre-packaged answers popped up. But I pushed them aside and let a different answer come up.

Oh. Oh, yeah. What dies at the point of death is the perfect synchrony of the organism.

For years it was a marvel of inter-operating "devices" (organs and so on). Then something critical stopped working and the whole thing stopped moving.

Perhaps we can't imagine it being so simple because the body is so good at keeping itself running. We cut our finger, we heal. We don't reflect upon how amazing it is that the zillions of bacteria don't infest the wound and proceed to run rampant within us.

Truly marvelous — while it's working in synchrony.

Menno said...

Who knows? Our brain is producing this show including all eternal life bliss, joy, beauty awareness and so on. At the moment of death the collapsing, the final shutdown of the brain and body and perhaps to make dying more acceptable, during its shutdown it will produce some wave of energy or so as goodbye firework. And then existence and the universe as we thought we knew it will die and end. Finally the end forever. Why not? What is wrong with that? In our process to figure it all out, all of our attempts failed, we cannot outthink ourselves or existence. Seems like the edge of capabilities of the brain these types of questions or riddles. Perhaps too scary to even imagine existence is a product of brain cells. Existence or intelligence being produced by the brain. And the last decade scientists discovered also that our consciousness, this live intelligence is a process produced by the brain nothing more. The opposite that this is all made up as a story and therefore nothing is truth and we do not know a thing as source or awareness or name it whatever you like to point to this, cannot be truth either. But does it matter? We better can enjoy it during its lifespan.
Consciousness even what we consider as the so praised absolute and beyond the beyond, the void whatever you will name this newness, just a product of neurons, and brain cells. No vague external outer consciousness or absolute or so that is including body world universe and goes on after brain death. All part of the story produced by brain cells. That is a miracle too, maybe not what people love to hear or hope but still a miracle.