Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This is IT

No matter what i feel like - This is IT!
No matter what i want to feel like - This is IT!
No matter what i think - This is IT!
No matter what has happened in the past - This is IT!
No matter anything - This is IT!
This most certainly will change, but for Now - This is IT!
The full and complete acceptance that This is IT, is what will contribute to How it will change.
Without resistance to what IS and what it might change To, the Extra overlay of worry or anticipation won't exist. Without that Now has best chance to revert to a natural or default state of happiness and joy. Of course, it this has only just started then habit (brain conditioning) needs to run it's course, but simple awareness will erode that.

i think "This is IT"
Then i live "This is IT"
Then This is IT - IS.


Neosimian Sapiens said...

Great post!

Some years ago it suddenly occurred to me that the only thing that I could say was real was THIS.

Somebody might study that last sentence for a while, or study only the last word, or solemnly meditate about it for a week, and completely miss THIS.

Goodness knows I missed it for most of my life. Quite often I still do. But at least now I've seen the mistake.

Unknown said...

Yes Tim, it covers every aspect of everything. It is Total reality.
i hope your IT is pleasant.