Tuesday, January 31, 2012

emotions are like...

Some caring was expressed on the LiberationUnleashed liberated group today (just a few minutes ago) and i teared up.
Just witnessing caring, sharing evoked an instant surge of emotion and a resulting welling up of tears.
Not a sob. No wrenching. Just an overflow of beautiful, sensation.
Just writing about it now, triggers it again, although not as strong.
Is it that the Grief juice of the past couple of days (or is it more?) has primed this organism?
i checked and it started on Jan 26th Ha! Australia Day. It started as i got into the car to drive to Melbourne. post - on-way-to-melbourne

But these tears have nothing to do with Grief.
The wounded animal plea from that poor Doubt Sufferer evoked Compassion, which evoked, in turn, tears.
Are these tears different to yesterdays tears of a Grief overflow?
That one came out as an eruption. No gentle buildup to a beautiful meniscus before overflowing.
The possible story (for entertainment) is that they are connected, that yesterdays meltdown somehow contributed to todays.
i like it !
There is a sensation of being lifted from inside this chest. Like the chest cavity has been filled with enough helium gas to exert an upward lifting sensation.
The head seems to be physically cleaning out.
There is a gentleness, a sensitive-ness that pervades not only the body/mind but the space around it and includes everybody that thought touches.

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