Wednesday, November 9, 2011

more on the Unconscious mind.

How freeing is this ? Wow!
i used to think that i was at the mercy of the unconscious mind. That it caused feelings and behaviour that i couldn't control. i called a certain part of it Ego and believed it needed to be killed for me to be free.
How different now!
Without the need to playact Vince there is no conflict between one part of mind and another.
The part that thinks how I should be and the part how I really am are all thoughts to be observed as one observes an interesting piece of art or a scene in nature (which is what it is)
Not being compelled to obey conscious or unconscious thoughts means being relaxed regardless of what thoughts arise.
None of them speak of 'me'
What/Who 'i' am is before the thoughts, is the seer of the thoughts and as such can't be considered by thought/mind.
i used to think it was unconscious mind that tied shoelaces without attention, but as Ilona said yesterday, it is just brain. Itch and Scratch.
The only difference between conscious and unconscious mind is attention.
Unconscious mind seen is no longer unconscious.
Conscious mind seen may well calm down to only task oriented behaviour. This is likely to conserve a large amount of wasted energy.
This will be interesting......

the unconscious mind,
made conscious by attention,
may laugh and giggle.

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