Saturday, November 19, 2011


Mariana Caplan is quoted as saying here in Suzanne Foxtons' blog Nothing Exists, Despite Appearances; 
"...Or is it best to entirely relax all semblance of control, and let life live you?"
Thoughts arise saying that "...let life live you" is all that can happen anyway.
Whether relaxed or uptight (or anything else) makes no difference to the fact of 'life-ing' happening. 
It's an illusion to believe that choice exists. 
Relaxed or uptight will have an effect on how it happens.
If choice is an illusion, then how can relaxation predominate over stress ?
It seems that future thoughts or feelings can be influenced by intention
Not the exact thought of feeling but their flavour.
This may be a moot point, as when the welcoming of 'what is' exists (how do we choose this, if choice is an illusion?), then everything is OK, and a relaxed attitude follows.

Welcoming 'what IS',
relaxing into the 'now',
opens up the heart.

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