Tuesday, September 21, 2010

acceptance (more Sailor Bob)

i was going along thinking that the best not doing i could do was total acceptance of 'what is'
Then Bob said (my paraphrase) that if there is acceptance then there is also rejection. Boingg... of course.
The acceptance that is not rejection isn't pure observation. Seeing doesn't involve the value judgement of 'ok' or 'not ok'. Seeing is just seeing.

i want, i don't want
somewhere in between
awareness resides

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Charles said...

I've been practicing acceptance of everything in the moment. But your thoughts here seem to be pointing to a thoughtless awareness, a just seeing with no evaluator showing up. It brings me back to my earlier thought. What is the observer? Is it just a split off piece of the ego. Healthier perhaps to live from the observer/ego than to live buried in the dream of self, but is the observer just another manifestation of the illusory I?